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发布时间:4/20/2024 1:47:58 PM

Applicable Models

MiniVan: Star Series, V3, CM10 and etc;

Sedan: Benben, Alsvin V3/V5/V7, CX20, EADO series, Raeton, Raeton CC;

SUV: CS15, CS35, CS55, CS75, CS85, CS95, UNI-T, UNI-K;

Y002-070 Y002-080 Y002-120 Y002-130 Y002-140 Y002-160 Y009-330 Y009-340 Y010-000 Y010-001 Y010-190 Y011-011 Y011-020
Y064-010 Y064-020 Y064-080 Y065-011 Y065-012 Y065-014 Y065-020 Y065-030 YJ010-130 YJ010-200 YJ010-430 YJ010-431 YJ010-490
YJ018-272 YJ018-274 YJ018-280 YJ018-281 YX057-180 YX057-190 YX057-210 YX065-014 YX085-140 YX086-030 YX096-011 YX096-021 Y077-280
BK104-106 BK104-105 YA090-150 YA090-160 YA090-170 YA091-220 YA091-230 YA093-190 YA097-000 YA097-070 YA097-180 YA097-190 YA097-360
YA099-000 Y011-080 Y011-090 Y011-100 Y011-110 Y011-150 Y011-160 Y011-170 Y011-220 Y011-230 Y012-040 Y012-060 Y012-070
Y012-140 Y012-150 Y012-160 Y012-190 Y013-010 YJ026-280 YJ035-201 YJ035-210 YK023-000 YK024-010 YK031-011 YK031-012 YK031-013
YK031-020 YK031-030 YK031-040 YK035-010 YK035-011 YK035-012 YK035-013 YB008-080 YB008-090 YB008-110 YB008-120 YB008-170 YB009-010
YB009-281 YB009-290 YB009-300 YB009-310 YB009-320 YB010-000 YB010-010 YB010-020 YA099-320 YA099-330 YA100-000 YA101-010 YA101-011
YA104-071 YA104-210 YA104-361 YB001-030 BB083-056 BB083-055 BB083-054 BB083-053 BJT00-098 BZ101-011 BZ101-013 BJT00-099 Y013-050
B201057-0200 B201058-0600 B201058-1100 B201060-0200 B201061-0600 B201062-0400 B201064-0101 B201064-1300 B201070-1100 B201072-0002 B201081-0200 B201084-0400 N1285-2
N0376 N0413-0 N0417 YB010-021 YB010-030 YB010-060 YB010-080 YB010-090 YB010-110 YB010-111 YB010-130 YB010-140 YB010-150
YB010-170 BJT00-033 BX109-015 BJT00-036 BB023-060 BJT00-044 BB077-062 B201110-0200 B201110-1301 B201110-2000 B201111-0500 B201111-1000 B201111-1400
B201112-1200 B201114-0200 B201114-0900 D149 D152 D176 D178 N0419 N0420 N0420-1 N0420-2 N0431 N0432-1
BZ065-014 BZ082-060 BJT00-058 BZ085-090 BZ092-012 N1273 L-086-0200-0 L-076-0700-1 LD059-1300-0 D18 D180 D181 D182
D193 D195 D2 YX026-310 YX047-140 YX047-160 P091-1500 LD062-0900-0 N1166 YA025-010 YL012-070 YL013-080 YL013-120
BD012-012 BD086-002 BX101-042 BJZ02-517 BJZ02-518 BJZ02-519 BD097-030 BX109-818 BX109-820 TD0020 TD0030 TD0040 TD0060
TD0090 TD0100 TD0140 TD0160 D956 D956-1 Y002-170 Y003-010 Y003-011 Y003-020 Y003-030 Y003-040 Y003-050
Y003-090 Y003-100 Y003-110 Y003-120 Y004-010 Y004-060 Y004-080 Y065-060 Y065-070 Y065-080 Y065-090 Y065-100 Y065-110
Y066-010 Y066-020 Y066-040 Y066-050 Y066-060 Y067-010 Y067-011 Y067-012 Y067-020 Y067-021 Y067-030 Y067-040 BD095-010
BJT00-016 BB104-082 BB104-083 BJT00-038 BJT00-043 BJT00-047 BB077-060 BB098-073 BJT00-051 BX109-027 BJZ00-047 BX073-010 N1215

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